Agrochemical label printing services

Accurate labelling within the agrochemical industry is paramount.

Fix-a-Form®, the multi-page label, provides a clear and user-friendly way for suppliers of agrochemical products to provide detailed and clear information directly onto the container. This may be driven by the necessity of regulation and legislation or simply the need to provide information on the safe and effective use of a product.

Including this information on the container means end users can access product information more conveniently since it is than likely to stay with the product throughout its usable life, as opposed to a separate leaflet that can more easily be lost or discarded.

“First class multi-page label printing services from a company that understands the needs of the agrochemical industry…”

Flexible and professional experts

Denny Bros Ltd has the flexibility and in-house expertise to create professional and effective labelling solutions to suit any product, including a variety of highly durable constructions able to withstand harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures and a variety of storage conditions.

Chemical, UV and water resistant labels and adhesives

Tailored to suit your production line processes

Security features that help to defend your products from the risk of counterfeiting

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More than just a label:

We can incorporate many special characteristics in to our labels, including:

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