Extreme temperatures

Denny Bros labelling solutions for extreme hot and cold temperatures

Here at Denny Bros we provide labelling solutions for products that are exposed to extreme temperatures, making use of special adhesives and varnishes designed to withstand exceptionally high or low temperatures.

Labels that work across a broad temperature range

Most of these adhesives function within a broad temperature scope.  One adhesive we supply, for example, works across temperatures ranging from minus 50°C to +70°C.

While these labels are suitable for all industry sectors, many of the customers who request our extreme temperature labelling solutions work in the pharmaceutical, clinical trial and healthcare sectors.

Labelling solutions for extreme cold temperatures

Many pharmaceuticals and clinical trial drugs are stored in fridges, freezers and cryogenic conditions, and require packaging and labelling which can withstand low temperatures. Our products ensure the labelling continues to adhere to the container at all times and that the attached booklets operate as intended.

Labelling solutions for extreme hot temperatures

Many pharmaceuticals and clinical trial drugs packaging need to withstand high temperatures when they are put into autoclaves for sterilisation. These autoclaves use steam to kill bacteria, spores and germs resistant to boiling water and powerful detergents. They also need to be resistant to exposure to dry heat sterilisation equipment and gamma irradiators.

We have years of experience of providing labels such as these and, typically, provide a bespoke service for customers seeking labelling solutions for extreme hot and cold temperatures, based on their specific requirements. A normal starting point is an initial conversation to ascertain the conditions you would like your labels to withstand.

To discuss your labelling requirements or to find out more about how Denny Bros can help with extreme temperature labelling solutions, please contact us on email: db@dennybros.com or telephone: +44 (0) 1284 701381.