Blood bag labels

Denny Bros – a specialist in the provision of blood bag labels

Denny Bros is a leader in the provision of labelling solutions for products that are exposed to extreme temperatures, and uses special adhesives and varnishes designed to withstand exceptionally high or low temperatures, all of which are necessary for blood bag labels.

Wide-ranging swings in temperature

One area where our expertise comes into its own is in the production of labels for blood collection and storage – a specialist discipline where strict regulatory requirements and wide-ranging swings in temperature during use place rigorous demands on the labelling solution.

Blood bags, for example, typically face a temperature range of around 200°C – from a high of +121°C during steam sterilisation down to -80°C when the bags are put into a deep freeze for storage.

Blood bags are also regularly frozen using ethanol – a process that exposes them to temperatures down to -50°C.

Withstand pressure and moisture

It is crucial that the labels used on blood bags are robust and remain easily readable to ensure medical staff can track stocks and easily trace their origins.

Denny Bros’ blood bags labels are also migration safe and designed to withstand the rigors of being moved to and from different medical centres and hospital locations.

Our labels also work with a variety of plasticisers used in PVC blood bag manufacturing, including DEHP, a phthalate that is employed in numerous medical devices because of its flexibility, which is kinder to patients’ tissue and generally more comfortable.

Autoclave sterilisation

In addition, Denny Bros’ blood bag labels are also moisture and heat resistant, so they can withstand the autoclave sterilisation process under pressure and also any exposure to warm water baths.

The company’s provision of blood bag labels is part of our comprehensive product range for the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector where we have worked with customer organisations for many years.

If you would like to know more about any of the services we offer in this area, please contact Denny Bros on or telephone: +44 (0) 1284 701381.