E-liquid label printing services

Specialist e-liquid label printing services for manufacturers and suppliers of e-liquid and e-juice products.

Since the European Tobacco Products Directive reclassified e-cigarettes as tobacco products, manufacturers and suppliers of e-cigarettes and e-liquids have been required to include extensive mandatory information on every unit (if sold singularly).  This presents a serious challenge, as product space is limited.

Such information includes a list of ingredients, nicotine content, delivery per dose, health warnings, storage instructions, addictiveness, toxicity and the batch number.  Furthermore, it is now a requirement that any product containing nicotine features a tactile hazard warning triangle on the label.

Specialist e-liquid label printing

The experts at Denny Bros have met the technical challenge of creating unique multi-page wrap-around wet peel labels and Fix-a-Form® Kleer-formatTM labels that will work effectively with the small bottle typically used to supply e-liquid.

E-Liquid label printers UK
E-Liquid warning triangle

Incorporating a tactile warning triangle

Compact, cost-effective and secure, these labels are chemical- and water-resistant, hard wearing and can incorporate a tactile warning triangle. We can also incorporate other specialist features as required, such as anti-counterfeit and security features.

Fix-a-Form®, the multi-page label

Fix-a-Form®, the multi-page label, provides as much room as is required for both mandatory and promotional information without the need for a separate leaflet.

Almost unlimited space for product information (including multi-lingual text)

Suitable for most container types (including ampoules and vials) and storage conditions

Contain safety and security features

Reduce packaging waste, simplifies inventory and improves production line speeds

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