Flag labels

How Denny Bros’ flag labels help healthcare professionals

Denny Bros flag labels are ideally suited to the healthcare sector for use in flagging up patient specific data or clinical trials.

Denny Bros provides labels for operators working in a wide range of sectors including healthcare and pharmaceutical organisations – one of our key markets.

One type of label that is ideally suited to the healthcare sector is flag labels, which can be printed on demand in small quantities and can be used to display a large amount of information on a small container.

Protrudes like a flag

As the name suggests, flag labels attach to the product and when peeled back the label protrudes like a flag, making it easy for clinicians and healthcare professionals to read the information it holds.

A key benefit of using flag labels is that they can be provided in various sizes and shapes, and left blank for on demand printing.

In this way, Denny Bros’ flag labels are perfect for flagging up patient specific data or when labelling test tubes, syringes and other small vessels for clinical trials, when only small print runs are required.

Extra information space

Flag labels are also appropriate for use on containers for eye drops and other products that lack sufficient space to hold a dispensing label.

In addition, the flag can be printed both sides to provide extra information space and is designed to ensure no tacky residue is left when they are peeled back.

If you would like to know more about flag labels or require any information about our product range, please contact us on email: db@dennybros.com or telephone: +44 (0) 1284 701381.