Exporting food

How food and drink producers are using multi-page labels to support their export strategies

As UK food and drink suppliers increase sales abroad, some are using Denny Bros’ multi-labels to display product information in multiple languages.

According to the Food and Drink Federation, there has never been a better time for UK food and drink manufacturers to sell their goods overseas.

Recent figures from the industry body show that British food and drink exports have hit a record high – the good reputation of UK produce, and the weaker pound all serving to create more demand from abroad.

A growing number of companies look to export

Here at Denny Bros, we’ve certainly seen a rise in enquiries from the food and drink sector, as a growing number of companies look at exporting.

We have recently worked with two such businesses to produce multi-page labels – one is a company that makes energy food bars and the other is a chocolate producer.

Both have used our multi-page labels to house multi-lingual information about the ingredients and nutritional content of their goods, so they can sell their products not just in the UK but other countries.

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Reduced costs, simplified inventory

Using our Fix-a-Form® multi-page labels to display product information in multiple languages means businesses need only produce one version of their product label for multiple international markets – this approach not only reduces costs, it can also simplify inventory keeping.

The labels can provide up to 120 pages of extra space on a product, meaning product information in multiple languages can be displayed without compromising on the packaging design or the sales message.

It’s a good time to be part of the UK food and drink industry and Denny Bros is only too happy to work with producers to support their export strategy and move to grow their market reach.

If you would like to find out more about Denny Bros’ Fix-a-Form® multi-page labels  please contact us on email: db@dennybros.com or telephone: +44 (0) 1284 701381