Food labels

How food labels can help increase sales

The vast majority of food items are sold from the supermarket shelf.

Shoppers browse at their leisure and often take time to read and digest the information on the packaging. This means the label is an incredibly important source of information for consumers.

It has a crucial role to play in catching the shopper’s eye, communicating relevant details and answering any questions that, ultimately, should leave that person in no doubt they want to buy the product.

The importance of branding

Labels are important when it comes to the branding of a product – a factor that is vital when targeting today’s savvy shoppers.

Different shoppers identify with different brands, and the look and feel of the label is a determining factor as to whether an item is worth the price being asked.

For example, if an upmarket price is being asked for a product then the branding and label design must reflect this. A plain, simple, own brand type label will not pass muster in this instance.

A label that ties in with your marketing strategy

Ideally, the label’s branding should also tie in with the overall marketing strategy of a food product.

If a business is building brand awareness across online marketing channels and in print, then it makes sense to ensure that the labels consumers see on food products in-store are consistent with these in terms of design, look and feel.

The supermarket shelf is one of the most competitive environments for products to survive and therefore brand awareness and the label play a major part in the success of a particular line.

Use a label to show key information

Today’s food consumers are more health conscience than ever before.

It’s fundamental, then, to also clearly show key health and allergies information on the label. If this information is clearly set out and displayed, then it will help shoppers in making their buying decisions.

There is also a legal obligation to include much of this information.

With multi—page labels, such as those available from Denny Bros, this information can be made available in detail without compromising on the design of the label.

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