Full colour label

How our full colour synthetic multi-page label is the latest in a long list of innovations from Denny Bros

Denny Bros’ new full colour 3 ply synthetic multi-page label is the latest innovative labelling solution to come out of the company.

The on-going success of Denny Bros has been built on innovation – an approach that sees us strive to continually develop new and ground-breaking labelling solutions for our customers.

It was when we invented the world’s first multi-page label in the late 1970’s, known as Fix-a- Form®, which helped to established Denny Bros as one of the world’s leaders in labelling solutions. Today we continue to remain innovative and bring improved and original products to market.

Full colour 3 ply synthetic multi-page label

Our latest creation – a cutting-edge full colour 3 ply synthetic multi-page label – again pushes the boundaries and offers our customers new and advanced options.

This new product, which was launched at Packaging Innovations show at London Olympia this September – allows a five-panel 3ply synthetic label to be printed all in colour in very few print passes.

New options for our customers

As with many of Denny Bros’ innovations, this new launch is a result of many months and weeks spent testing and perfecting to come up with an end result, which we are delighted with.

For customers, it means their labels no longer need be restricted to black and white in places, and gives them the option of having an entire five panel booklet printed in full colour.

Extremely durable

The 3ply nature of the synthetic label also means it is extremely durable – almost indestructible, in fact – and suitable for industries where potential corrosion of the label may be an issue. We have already seen interest from manufacturers working in a wide range of sectors from cosmetics and agrochemicals to e-liquids and other industrial chemicals.

We look forward to seeing the new label used out in the field as the latest chapter in Denny Bros’ innovative history.

If you would like to find out more about Denny Bros’ full colour 3 ply synthetic multi-page label, please contact us on email: db@dennybros.com or telephone: +44 (0) 1284 701381.