Laminated label formats

Laminated label formats enhance the appearance, help to protect information through use of moisture-resistant materials and make application around circular containers easier.

Variations include:


Combines a folded multi-page (booklet or leaflet) with a self-adhesive label and extending laminated tab affixing directly onto the pack. An extended label allows extra space for barcodes or perhaps variable data. We include an easy-lifting tab so opening and closing isn’t a problem.


A variant of our Kleer-Format™ labels, incorporates an adhesive peel-out label that can be removed and attached elsewhere. Widely used in the pharmaceutical industry where parts of a medicine label (perhaps about medicine dosage) can be removed from the product and attached to the patient’s records.


A transparent label that can be affixed to the top (rather than underneath) a leaflet. It will extend beyond the leaflet on both sides creating ‘wings’ which allow the whole piece to be removed without trace.


A booklet or leaflet is produced without a backing label (allowing the product under the leaflet or booklet to be shown), and is attached to a front cover label material (rather than left clear) which can be printed on.


Encapsulates a leaflet within a self-adhesive pouch. An easy-lifting tab allows access. The format creates moisture resistance for the leaflet – useful in wet/moist storage or use conditions.

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