Fully printed leaflet labels that communicate more with less.


Leaflet label and fold out label printing services

Simple to open, easy to unfold and provides an almost unlimited amount of extra labelling space.

Fix-a-Form® leaflet and fold out labels are widely used throughout a number of different industries and perfectly demonstrate how much more information can actually be carried on a single product.

This foldout style is the original multi-page label format and is still widely used . It is often used as a read-once-only format.

DennyBros is a specialist provider of fully printed, high quality leaflet labels that are tailored to your precise requirements. With state-of-the-art multi-page label printing technology and proven expertise, we can incorporate a wide range of special features if required.

“Specialist leaflet label printing services, tailored to your precise requirements…”


A simple and economical two-panel leaflet-label, providing three printable sides from a single leaf and label combination.


A variation on the Twin-Form™ where the leaflet is folded vertically and horizontally, opening up to reveal a broadsheet format, ideal for large tables of information and diagrams.

An example of a Twin-Form™ leaflet label

An example of a Bi-Fold™ leaflet label

More than just a label:

We can incorporate many special characteristics in to our labels, including:

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