Which multi-page label format is best for your product or industry?

Here at Denny Bros we work with businesses from a range of industry sectors whose unique requirements can all be accommodated using our multi-page and specialist labels.

Here are some examples of how some of the different types of labels support the different industry needs:

Booklet and leaflet labels

Booklet and leaflet labels are simple to open, easy to unfold or flick through and provide an unrestricted amount of extra labelling space up to 120 pages. They are widely used throughout a number of different industries where there is a requirement for extensive instructions or detailed legal information to be kept with the product.

Companies from the pharmaceutical and chemical sectors use them extensively, while we have seen an increasing demand for these type of labels from many other sectors including cosmetics.

Multi-national firms who sell into different countries and who have a need to include usage guidance or legal clauses in numerous languages also find these labels fit their requirements perfectly.

Peel and reveal

Our versatile peel and reveal labels are used across many different product markets, including the agrochemical market where manufacturers often have to display safety guidance, contents and other legally required information.

The peel and reveal labels also lend themselves to on-pack promotions – such as those used by supermarkets and the food and drink sector – where information such as a code or tear-off coupon is concealed beneath the principal product label.

Concertina label printers

Concertina and accordion labels

Concertina and accordion labels can be opened, extended out and, then reclosed where required. They offer a striking and cost-effective way to impart information and instructions and can accommodate words and images.

Because these type of labels are suitable for virtually any size and shape of product or container they are used widely across many industries. For example, clients from the cosmetics sector like this form of label as it looks attractive and provides space for usage advice. Food and drink manufacturers looking to impart nutritional details, recipes and other information have also adopted them.

concertina label

Wet peel labels

Wet peel labels are designed to peel and reseal, enabling product details to stay with the container and be repeatedly accessed. This means they are suitable for products where users may have to frequently refer to the usage instructions or safety advice.

They are also water and chemical resistant, and don’t tear because they are laminated, so lend themselves to industries where corrosive chemicals are used or where liquid might run down the packaging.

For this reason we have seen them used by clients in the agrochemical sector and by businesses who manufacture car care products. Other applications include e-liquid bottle labels and cosmetics labelling as well as other environments where a hardy label that can be referred to over and over is required.

Wet peel label printers

To discuss your labelling requirements or to find out more about how Denny Bros can help with EU labelling compliance, please contact us on email: db@dennybros.com or telephone: +44 (0) 1284 701381.