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Neck, collar and tag format label printing

The development team at Denny Bros is always keen to solve an added-information problem – whether it is taken from our existing portfolio of print solutions or means going back to the drawing board.

The same principals of combining maximum text and design space on your products with the potential for automatic application underpin every new design.

Examples include:

Auto collar

An innovative multi-page promotional neck collar that draws attention to your product while also allowing you to include far more information to support your promotional efforts. Can be applied at high speed utilising automatic application machinery.

Auto-Flag™ (multi-page shelf wobbler)

Draw even more attention to your product at the point of purchase with a multi-page shelf wobbler that includes extra space to communicate information or promotional details.

Neck tag with elasticated string

The elasticated string allows for ease of application to the container and of varying sizes, whilst the attached tag can be a single page or multi-page booklet or leaflet format.

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