How can I ensure the end user never loses the instructions to our product?

Making  sure the instructions are kept with a product is particularly important to products with a long shelf life that may only be used occasionally, especially if that occasion is an emergency.

“Now where did I put the instruction booklet?”

A multi-page booklet label attached directly to the product itself has a much greater chance of staying with a product throughout its usable life than a separate instructions booklet or leaflet, which are easily discarded. This allows the end user to refer to the instructions whenever using the product.

Fix-a-Form®, the multi-page label, is a combination of a leaflet/booklet and a label. It can be tailored to suit any product size or shape and container material. Furthermore, there are a number of specialist options that can be incorporated, such as anti-counterfeiting and tamper-evident features, braille and more. (Click to find out more about our innovative features).

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