Packaging design 2018

Packaging design trending in 2018

The world of packaging design is continuously evolving as companies seek to refresh their designs and to stay ahead in the promotion of their products.

Here are five packaging design trends we believe will gather pace as we move into 2018:

The search for simplicity

In an increasingly busy and cluttered world, simplicity of design can cut through all the noise, and when it comes to packaging, less is sometimes more.

We see the popularity of minimalist designs continuing into 2018 as suppliers seek to cut out all the unnecessary elements from their packaging. The key to effective minimalist packaging is generating a design that people can relate to and that gets its message across with few or no words.

Apple packaging
Bold packaging

Bigger and bolder fonts stand out

Related to the quest for simplicity is the shift towards the use of bigger and bolder fonts on packaging.

Fewer suppliers want small typography on their labels – instead they are opting for less words but in a bigger and bolder font. It’s an approach designed to help products stand out from the competition when they are all sharing shelf space.

The resurgence of vintage designs

We don’t always have to look for something new when there is a whole archive of designs and styles from the past that can be repurposed and repackaged.

This would explain why vintage and retro packaging designs are thriving at the moment. They have been appearing on packaging and labels for craft beers and artisan gins for a couple of years, and now can be seen on numerous products from soap wrappers to tinned food.

As well as looking great, vintage designs suggest a trusted brand; an old reliable recipe that has been passed down through the ages – and that is why they are so popular in the food and drink sector.

Vintage design

More use of pastel colours

A lot of people are talking about a resurgence in the use of pastel colours in design in 2018 and we are seeing more and more examples of this when it comes to packaging.

Light blues, pinks, peach and lemon colours are cool and serene – and maybe a reaction to some of the more bright and colourful designs that have come our way in recent years.

Packaging designs using pastels have a calming effect – they draw us to them but at the same time persuade us to take our time when opening them.

The move away from wasteful packaging

There is a definite societal trend away from too much packaging, as we become more aware of the impact waste has on the environment. This was reflected in Prime Minister Theresa May’s recent announcement about reducing plastic packaging in supermarkets.

Plastics are being replaced by biodegradable materials, like paper, hemp, starch and cellulose, and, where possible, suppliers are also looking to reduce the amount of packaging they use altogether.

How Denny Bros can help

Information multi page labels

Looking at some of the trends listed above, Denny Bros. is well-positioned to help suppliers improve their labelling and packaging designs through the use of its revolutionary Fix-a-Form multipage labels.

For instance, if a supplier is looking to simplify their design, Fix-a-Form labels enable them to hide away important information in the booklet, and therefore free up creative space.

Likewise, Fix-a-Form multi-page labels enable companies to use larger typefaces or reduce their packaging by reducing the amount of space required for product information.

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