Wet peel label printers

Peel and reseal, time and time again.

Wet peel label printing services

Specialist wet peel label printing services from the pioneers of the multi-page label.

Wet peel labels are designed to peel and reseal, providing more space for product and promotional information that can be easily accessed time and time again. This makes them well-suited to repeated-reference information such as product instructions or safety advice.

Ideal for a wide range of products across a broad range of industries, wet peel labels are often used for applications such as e-liquid bottle labels, cosmetics, agrochemicals, car care products and many more due to the environments in which they are used and the type of products contained in them.

The benefits of wet peel labels include:

Water and chemical resistant

Tear resistant

Easy peel section to open the booklet

Information stays with the product

Tactile warning triangles

Additionally, extras like tactile warning triangles can be added to the labels as required on many products, as well as anti-counterfeit and security features.

E-Liquid warning triangle

Three-ply synthetic full colour label

Unique to Denny Bros, this new and innovative “triple decker” dry peel label is a perfect demonstration of our world-leading technical expertise.  So far as we know, no other label producer in the world has been able to manufacture a product like this.

The ground-breaking product means that all five panels with a virtually indestructible three-ply “mini booklet” can be printed in full colour throughout, ideal for the cosmetics and agrochemical industries, as well as other chemical manufacturers.

More than just a label:

We can incorporate many special characteristics in to our labels, including:

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