Random code printing

We’ve got your number: How Denny Bros can incorporate random code on your labels

If you would like to include codes and numbering on your labels, Denny Bros has a wealth of experience in providing unique and random codes, and labels featuring both non-sequential and sequential numbering.

The different types of codes that we can supply include:

Stock reconciliation and batch codes

Suppliers use these codes to identify the batch a product comes from, so they can trace the manufacturer, and location and date of production. This is vital information for stock-taking and reconciliation.

Expiry dates

All consumable products, be it food, drink or pharmaceuticals, will have an expiry date. The date acts as a guide to consumers and professionals alike that the product can no longer be used.

Patient specific codes and numbers

This is a unique code which is linked to a patient and used for pharmaceutical products and medicines.

2D matrix and other pharmaceutical codes

Used as an anti-counterfeit and security feature, 2D matrix codes consists of a grid of black and white dots and squares arranged in either a square or rectangular pattern.

They are machine-readable, enabling them to swiftly present information about a product in one view, and can incorporate over 2,000 alpha-numerical characters.

Randomised winning numbers for promotions and competitions

If you are running a promotion or competition, use these codes on labels and packaging so winners can be instantly identified.

QR codes

QR (Quick Response) codes can store many thousands of pieces of information, which people can access via an app on their smartphone. Some or all of this information can be secured, so it can only be accessed by authorised personnel.

How codes are generated?

The codes we incorporate onto our labels are generated either by customers who provide them to us, or alternatively, we are able to generate unique and random codes using specialist websites.

We also have in place quality control systems that automatically challenge repeated codes and upon request can provide validated records demonstrating the accuracy of our procedures.

To discuss your labelling requirements or to find out more about how Denny Bros produces codes and numbering for its labelling solutions, please contact us on email: db@dennybros.com or telephone: +44 (0) 1284 701381.