Quality management

Why quality management saves you money

Here at Denny Bros we are truly committed to quality assurance, which is built into everything we do. It is a process and an attitude we have towards our work that, we believe, is in the long-term interests of our customers, shareholders, employees and the community.

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified

Denny Bros is both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified – awards which cover international standards around quality management and environmental management respectively. They demonstrate that we have reached industry benchmarks in these areas and that we continue to strive for improvements in all facets of the business.

ISO certification brings substantial benefits on many different levels, from cost reduction and increased customer satisfaction to less waste and improved staff morale.

Some of the key quality management processes we have in place at Denny Bros include:

  • Tight manufacturing controls that follow industry standard line inspection protocols and incorporate operator and batch traceability systems throughout.


  • The operation of high precision printing presses and machinery in a modern, purpose built factory with strict hygiene, cleanliness and environmental controls, backed up with the latest camera-based quality systems.


  • Product security processes where each job is uniquely identified and strict bay clearance procedures are in operation.


  • An ongoing system of internal audits that review performance and prompt appropriate action if required.

Key benefits

We have identified a number of core benefits as we have embraced quality management.

Reduce costs

With a business centred on quality management, costs are reduced, typically because there is less waste and fewer returns.  These savings go straight onto the bottom-line to increase our profitability.

Customer satisfaction

As we have better products and services that are constantly improving, our customers are more satisfied. This means we spend very little time dealing with complaints and more time focussing on customer needs. A lot of our new business comes from word of mouth.

Less waste

A quality management approach is about improving quality within a process, not simply inspecting the quality of a process. This means there are less defects and waste. Here at Denny Bros we have embraced this approach not only because it makes good business sense but also because it makes good environmental sense.

Improved morale

Staff surveys show that our people are happy to work for an employer who pursues operational excellence. High levels of morale result in high levels of work quality and reduced staff turnover.

We are happy to discuss any of the above with our customers. To discuss this or any labelling requirement you may, please contact us on email: db@dennybros.com or telephone: +44 (0) 1284 701381.