How can I use product labelling to support my brand?

While clear, simple label designs may help products stand out on the shelf, they leave limited space for more detailed information.

With fast moving consumer goods the sale is not over once a consumer has passed through a check out. Consumers are increasingly interested in what goes into a product and this often means more than just ingredients. The personality, ethics and values of the manufacturing company are increasingly important, and this is where the extra space afforded by multi-page labelling can be a valuable asset to supporting your brand.

The more you engage with your consumer the more likely they are to remain loyal to your brand, and the additional space provided by Fix-a-Form®, the multi-page label, can be a valuable marketing tool.

Multi-page labels provide the opportunity to communicate more information to consumers, such as clear usage instructions or handy tips, information on other products within the range, support marketing initiative such as competitions and promotions, or maybe just a simple backstory that communicates the values of your brand. Another powerful way to build your brand and demonstrate that you care is to utilise this extra labelling space to ask for feedback or comments.

This engagement all helps to build a connection between the consumer and the brand, increasing the chances of a repeat sale the next time a purchasing decision is being made.

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