Linerless label printing services

Linerless labels offer a cost-saving and environmentally conscious approach to labelling. They are often used as label wraps on food trays and around drinks bottles.

The benefits of using linerless labels include:

Reduced transportation costs as there is 40% less weight and fewer boxes to deliver

Warehouse savings as there is 40% less space needed to store labels

Waste disposal savings as there are no liners to be disposed of and 40% fewer label cartons to throw away

Increased productivity as more labels are produced on a roll and so longer printer up time; less time needed to change supplies, store product and dispose of liner

Improved safety in the workplace as there is no liner waste to create work hazards.

Lower environmental impact as there is less waste

Multi-page linerless labels

Linerless labels are generally single ply, however Denny Bros Ltd has produced the world’s first two-ply, twin-layer version with three printable surfaces (as opposed to just one) allowing more information to displayed on the pack, making the benefits of linerless systems available to those wishing to provide more information on products.

Multi page linerless label printing
More than just a label:

We can incorporate many special characteristics in to our labels, including:

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