concertina label

Fully printed easy-open labels that provide the end user with instant access to extra information

Multi-panel and concertina label printing services

Concertina and accordion labels are an engaging and cost-effective solution for when you have plenty to say but limited space to say it.

The leaflet sections can be opened, extended out and, if required, concertinaed then reclosed.

Suitable for virtually any size and shape of product or container, and supporting straightforward application using standard labelling equipment, these multi-pane labels are the perfect way to add extra information onto a limited pack space.

“Any number of designs, folding patterns and finishes can be created to meet your needs”

Ideal for on pack use

Provide your design teams with the ability to create engaging and interactive labels

Provide clear product information, improving product use and encouraging repeat purchases

Draw attention to special offers, promotions and campaigns

Up to five compact and resealable layers providing up to nine pages of available print. Protects information against moisture and harsh environments.


Similar to wet peel except once opened the pages are not intended to close again (such as redeemable vouchers or one-off information).

More than just a label:

We can incorporate many special characteristics in to our labels, including:

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