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Supporting nutraceuticals labelling

Continued growth

The nutraceuticals industry continues to grow rapidly through global sales of functional beverages, functional food and dietary supplements, with forecasters predicting the market will be worth $578.23bn by 2025.

Health stores and supermarkets are key to this growth, as consumers increasingly turn to isolated or purified foods such as herbs, dietary supplements, probiotics, amino acids, botanicals and vitamins, marketed as alternatives to medicines, to help keep fit and healthy.

In recent years we have seen a raft of new product introductions and a rise in marketing activity from both global and home-grown nutraceutical companies.

Providing the right product information

While nutraceutical products are not subject to the same testing and regulations as pharmaceutical drugs (and therefore do not need to provide the same levels of statutory information on packaging), it is important for manufacturers to provide as much information as possible with the product to explain and introduce the product concept, benefits and instructions for use.

Furthermore, key safety information is required to outline potential health issues associated with their use, particularly when used in conjunction with other medicines or healthcare products. These may include dosage instructions, indications, contraindications and age guidelines. This information is increasingly provided in illustrated or pictorial form for added clarity.

pharmaceutical booklet labels
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Multipage labels give brand owners the space to include as much information as they need while only taking up the same footprint as a conventional label.  This also allows for user-instructions to be presented in a number of different languages for multimarket distribution.

Supplied on-reel and suitable for automated application, other features that can be incorporated include:

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