Special print features

Got an unusual requirement? Talk to the team at Denny Bros. We have the in-house expertise and facilities to tailor a printed solution incorporating the special print features that meet your needs.

Examples of our innovative approach to creative label printing include:


Consistent, accurate and validated Braille for leaflets and labels. We can also offer transparent Braille labels that can be applied over existing packages or labels.

Moisture resistant labels

Ideal for bathroom products and agrochemical products to make them more resistant to multiple use, spillages and wet weather.

Special adhesives

Use of special materials for applications that are in close contact with moisture, fat, or chemicals.

Braile label printing

Coping with temperature extremes

Approved special materials make it possible to create label solutions that can withstand high or extremely low temperatures.

Enclosed products

For eye-catching promotional giveaways such as such as seeds, or food samples.

Tactile warning triangle

A tactile danger warning triangle, required by law to alert the visually impaired that they are handling a dangerous product, can be incorporated into a laminate format label, or alternatively can be supplied as a sticker.

Warning triangle label printing

Collectable stickers

Collectable stickers can be included within a Fix-a-Form® as part of an on-pack promotion to help with sales uplift.

Scratch-off panels

Scratch-off areas can be included to allow for scratch card games, secure packaging or variable data.


Detachable vouchers can be included to encourage repeat purchases or to encourage purchase of a different product in the range.

Removable stickers label

Transfers/rub off tattoos

Child friendly rub off tattoos can be included within a Fix-a-Form® as part of an on-pack promotion.

Removable leaflets and booklet labels

Allow the user to conveniently detach some or all of the information for ease of reference.

Scratch and sniff panels

Scented scratch and sniff panels can be included in a Fix-a-Form® to encourage sales of other products in the range through being able to sample it first.

Removable booklet labels
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